This site shows data mostly derived from Hololive stream chat logs. Data reflects public streams with chat replay available at the time of chat log retrieval. This site is updated monthly, usually within the first week of the month. See Twitter for update notifications.

Updated to November 2023

Dataset Information


Percentages reflect chat messages that do/don't contain Japanese characters. Messages containing only Unicode emojis or membership stickers are ignored. Average message rates are available from March 2021.


Data is based on the number of chat messages starting from a list of known translation tags. Streams designated as English streams on Japanese language channels and covers are ignored. The top live translated streams list shows streams that have an average of one translation per minute or more. These streams are best enjoyed with the LiveTL (Chrome, Firefox) or ytcfilter (Chrome, Firefox) extensions.


The common user heatmap is a matrix containing percentages of a member's chat that have commented in another member's chat in a given month. Mouse over each square to view the exact value. The exclusive user charts show the percentage of a member's chat that did not comment in any other member's chat in a given month.

Stream Time

Stream times are based on data of public streams reported by the YouTube API at the time of retrieval. Times are on a per-channel basis and do not reflect time in collabs on other channels.