This site shows data mostly derived from Hololive stream chat logs. Data reflects public streams with chat replay available at the time of chat log retrieval. This site is updated monthly, usually within the first week of the month. See Twitter for update notifications.

Updated to June 2024



-Added #shorts stream percentage page


-Improved live translation detection for some Hololive members.

-Improved documentation and added machine translated site maps in Japanese and Korean.


-Added membership percentage dataset, showing the percentage of members out of all detected chat users.

-Added common membership data to the common chat heatmap (percentage of A's members in B's membership). Select "1 (Member)" in the "Min. Chats per Holo" dropdown.


-Added Streaming Hour Consistency dataset, a measure of streaming hour consistency/volatility using the inverse coefficient of variation

-Added text labels to common chat heatmap cells

-Added total member count to the member count mouseover tooltip

-Moved Avg. Chat Makeup to the Language menu

-Renamed "Other" menu to "Stream Time & Frequency"

-Renamed "Monthly Coverage Percentages" to "Activity Coverage Percentages"

-Renamed instances of "Stream Time" to "Streaming Hour"

-Moved dataset docs to their own page

-Common Chat heatmap should resize to better fit the screen. However, resizing the window may cause it to glitch, requiring a refresh

-Moved HoloAutoClip to its own button since VTAutoClip is discontinued